Should You Add Your Social Security Number


Why should you not provide your social security number when filling out a job application? It is not a safe way to go. First off, if you are searching through the job listings of Craigslist and you are asked to give your social security number, be safe about it. Do some research. Make sure that the company is not a scam in some way or another. If you give out your social security number to just anything without being safe about it, then you could wind up with a stole identity.

In my opinion, I do not think you should have to apply your SSN on job applications, whether online or on paper. It seems like the easiest way for a stolen social security number. Yes, maybe the company or business needs it to check your background out or for whatever other reason. I honestly think they should not have to require you to put in on your application, though. It is not safe. There are a lot of dangers in this world today. Even in the work place. But since I am sure that you are required to in order to be considered, you should always remain safe about it.

Sending Cover Letter as PDF

A cover letter is in and of itself an advertisement for how you want to present yourself to a potential contact, so the best way to send it is as a PDF file. PDF files are the most commonly used files for transmitting documents, and the software capable of reading them are basic to almost all computer systems on the market today. A file transmitted with a non-PDF file will immediately raise questions from the recipient about your technical abilities if you do not have your file in PDF form. Also, if the recipient does not have the software to view a non-PDF file on their computer, they may become aggravated in their asking you for another version, and at worse, they may skip over your file altogether and not consider you for the position due to lack to technological awareness. As it is always better to err on the side of caution, it is always smartest to send in your cover letter as a PDF file and remove any possibilities for concern from the recipient. This plan of action will assure the person you are sending the cover letter to that you are up to date on technology, and that will be a ringing endorsement for your abilities.